Annuttama is an authentic lifestyle brand that brings the finest of traditional Indian art forms, local artisans and customers together! We ensure the native Indian artists get the spotlight they rightly deserve and own their art in every step of our process!

Choose from our wide range of apparel, bags and home decor pieces featuring handmade art infusing the richness of Indian cultural heritage with modern everyday life! We are talking dupattas, ties, cufflinks, tote bags, candles, wall clocks, coasters, trays and more!

Our products exude the true magnificence of the vibrant Madhubani paintings from Bihar to the intricate floral motifs of Punjab's Phulkari threadwork and the rich folk stories of Odisha's Pattachitra art. The nature-inspired Pichwai art weaved into Rajasthan's tapestries, and the incredibly symmetric block prints own a special place in our hearts and products as well! When you choose Annuttama, you contribute to keeping a traditional Indian art form alive and give it an exposure platform.

If you are looking for a break from the monotony of bulk-produced, boring off-the-shelf products, Annuttama's the one for you! Everything you own should have a story of its own. Choose our kind of story with Annuttama!

You see, you fall in love and you shop - That's Annuttama for you!